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2019 SHS Senior & Junior Prom Information

Smithville High School Junior / Senior Prom 2019
Rules and Regulations
Prom: Saturday, May 4th from 8:00 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.
Red Ridge located at 306 KLBJ Road, Smithville
1. Juniors and seniors may attend with or without a guest.
2. All guests will be no younger than a freshman in High school and no older than 20 years.
*A junior or senior may have as a guest another Smithville High School student.
*All other guest must be approved by Mr. Smith and will be governed by the same rules and regulations as the SHS student.
*A Guest currently attending another school will also need to fill out the Guest form with their schools approval and have it returned by May 1st
3. All students and their guests must arrive together and sign in upon arrival. Once signed in, students and guests must remain until they decide to leave for the evening and will not be allowed to return.
* No Prom attendees will be allowed to go to their vehicle during the event.
4. Administrators have the right to deny anyone entrance to the Prom.
5. To ensure safety, Smithville High School has a breathalyzer and will use it if school administrators determine reasonable suspicion. Any student or their guest determined to be under the influence of alcohol or any drug upon entering the Prom or found using any substance during the event will be required to leave with a
parent or guardian.
6. Law enforcement officers will be on hand to enforce state laws.
7. School Staff will be in attendance to ensure all school rules and regulations are enforced.
8. Students and guests will be responsible for parking their own vehicles. Red Ridge is a hilltop venue site, therefore, limousines or stretch vehicles are NOT PERMITTED.
Be sure to LOCK and HIDE all valuables. Smithville High School. Smithville ISD and Red Ridge will not be responsible for damaged, stolen or lost property.
9. Respect for all chaperones, administrators, teachers and the Red Ridge staff is expected.
Failure to meet this expectation could result in removal from the prom.
l0.Parents of students are NOT allowed to attend Prom.
All students are expected to dress appropriately for this FORMAL occasion.
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