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SHS Black History Program

Cedar Creek Middle School students performed skits with a historical basis and music from influential singers at their multicultural museum during the Hallowed Grounds Tour for Smithville High School students during Black History Month. 
At the beginning of the program students were tied in chains and toward the end they removed those chains for freedom. 
As a part of the tour CCMS students reenacted historical events including: Desaray Gildon as Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus, CCMS students Reggie Smith as Martin Luther King Jr. and Ezekiel Matamoros as Malcom X hold a discussion, and Ms. Tamara Sansom performed as Billie Holiday.
Artistic performances included the CCMS Step Team representing the origins of step and its transition to Black Fraternities and Sororities, SHS Spanish teacher, Senior Scott, dancing the Merengue and Bachata styles that have African Dance and rhythm influence, and CCMS Dance Team performing an African style dance celebrating Africa.

Concluding the event guest Ronnie McDonald spoke to Smithville students with an inspirational message of not letting slave history define a person or “defeating yourself before you get to your destiny.”
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