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SHS Graduate Leads Vet Tech Program

Peyton Bennight is the new Agriculture teacher at Smithville High School, where she is leading the Veterinary Technician Program. She explained "This program would start at the beginning of a student’s high school career and then taking prerequisites that build up their knowledge of animal systems and vet tech procedures. In their final year in the program would be an apprenticeship with a surrounding vet clinic where they would get hands on experience and training from a clinical professional. After completion of the apprenticeship they will take the certification test to become a certified vet technician. This program is about opening doors for students interested in the health of animals. Being in a rural community I believe that this program will be beneficial to students when it comes to finding jobs, or selecting majors for further education."

When the students enrolled in the Vet Tech Program arrive to Peyton's classroom, they put away their belongings and they are transported to the Vet Tech Facility which is on the school’s campus. She explains to her students what they will be working on that day and then they get straight to work. On any given day, the students may trim goats’ hooves, administer a dewormer, or learn about the many other forms of livestock and their care.

Ms. Bennight did not realize that she wanted to be a teacher until her last year of college at Texas A&M, but "teaching is something that is very familiar to me in my family. My mom, my aunts, and my uncles are all educators and I could always see the passion that they had for their jobs and I knew that I wanted a job that could do that." She expressed that she has "always been involved in agriculture and it is a passion" of hers. Peyton believes that her "education and hands on experience is helpful when teaching the students about agriculture."

Peyton was born and raised in Smithville and attended the schools in the district. She spoke about why she chose to come back to her hometown, "I decided to teach in Smithville because this is home for me. I want to give back to the place that gave me so much."

"I feel immense support from the community, district and administrators. Everyone is helpful and very welcoming; they have shown positivity throughout the year. I have many mentors that always offer a helping hand."
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