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SHS Powerlifters' Hard Work Pays Off

“This year’s powerlifting team consisted of 16 boys and 16 girls. There are 11 weight classes in the boys division ranging from 114 pounds to the Super Heavy Weight class which is above 275 pounds.  The girls division has 12 weight classes ranging from 97 pounds to 259+. Teams are awarded points by each individual placing in the top 5 in their respective weight classes. Both teams competed in Giddings, Taylor, Smithville, and Texas A&M.  The boys finished 2nd in Giddings the girls finished 1st, both teams finished 3rd in Taylor, and the boys finished 1st in Smithville and the girls finished 2nd.  The boys team missed winning the Regional Championship by 1 point.” explained Coach Savoie.

SHS Powerlifters

He went on to say “Coach Hodge and I encourage our lifters to work hard at everything they do, not allow them to give up, and to always compete.  The kids have to know that you care about them not only in the playing arena but in their lives outside of school. They have to know that they can trust you and in turn you have to know that you can trust them.  It is amazing to see what kids can do when they believe in themselves and that they can accomplish their goals no matter what obstacles may be placed in front of them.”

The Smithville Powerlifting team has many talented students. Some of their successes are:

On the girls team: Whitney Adams is a regional qualifier, DezJ’Nae Hodge is a 2 time regional qualifier, Aiyana Ramas is a 2 time regional qualifier, Deondria Brandyburg is a 2 time regional qualifier and 2018 State Meet Alternate, and Claire Courtemanche is a 3 time regional qualifier, 2018 State qualifier, 2018 first team Academic All State, and received the THSWPA Region 2 Division 2 Scholarship Award.

On the Boys team: Raul Arrizola is a regional qualifier, Kalob Jonas is a regional qualifier, Colt Baranowski is a 2 time regional qualifier and 2018 State qualifier, Nomar Rivera is a regional qualifier and State Qualifier, Andrew Wyatt is a 2 time regional qualifier, 2018 State qualifier, and 2018 THSPA Academic All State Elite Team, and Kaleb Barho is a 2 time regional qualifier, 2017 State Meet Alternate, and 2018 State qualifier.

Coach Savoie stated “Success, failure, win, or lose- it doesn’t matter- Coach Hodge and I are proud that the parents of our team members trust us enough to work with their children.”

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