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Parent Meeting - English I Parents

English I parent Mtg

Attention 9th Grade Parents:

  • Has your teenager struggled to pass the reading or writing STAAR in the past?
  • Are you concerned about your student’s success on the English I STAAR test this year?
  • Is your student new to public school in Texas?

If so, then this meeting is for you.

When?  Monday, January 14th @ 6:00 p.m.

Where?  Smithville High School Library

What’s Up?  Mrs. Edwards, your teen’s English I teacher, will explain what is covered on the English I STAAR test, the challenges that many students face, and some strategies that you may use to give your student the best chance for success on the test.

How much of my evening will this take?  Mrs. Edwards promises that the presentation will be an hour or less.  Should you have further questions or need specific information about your student’s performance, you may stay after the presentation concludes.

More information?  If you have questions, email Mrs. Edwards at or call 512-237-2451 and leave a message for her to call you when she’s not teaching.

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